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Bloomsberg: Airlines Send in World’s Strongest Disinfectants to Fight Virus


Airlines are turning to the world’s hardest-hitting disinfectants to rid planes of the coronavirus.

Qantas Airways Ltd., Korean Air Lines Co. and Singapore Airlines Ltd.’s Scoot unit are among carriers that helped evacuate people from the outbreak’s epicenter, the Chinese city of Wuhan, and from a cruise ship off Japan. They’ve stepped up aircraft-cleaning efforts as a result, trying to ensure that planes used in rescue missions are safe to be put back into commercial use.

The standard vacuum-and-wipe cleanups on board have turned into hospital-grade sterilizations with products capable of stopping sexually transmitted diseases and the MRSA superbug. How was this done? And are there any risks for passengers using the planes when they return to service? Here are some answers:

What cleaning products are used?

Korean Air opted for MD-125. That’s a diluted version of D-125, a cleaning solution made by Microgen and used in industries from health care to poultry farming. The company says MD-125 acts against 142 bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, avian flu, HIV and measles.


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Thai Airways disinfection process in Samut Prakan, Thailand