The ultimate surface protection safeguarding against COVID-19.

MD125 Chosen by World's Leading Airlines to Fight Novel Corona Virus

Time: Airlines Are Using Microgen Disinfectant That Kills Herpes and MRSA to Clean Planes in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak

What cleaning products are used?

Korean Air opted for MD-125. That’s a diluted version of D-125, a cleaning solution made by Microgen and used in industries from health care to poultry farming. The company says MD-125 acts against 142 bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, avian flu, HIV and measles.

Qantas used Viraclean, a hospital-grade disinfectant made by Sydney-based Whiteley Corp. It’s a pink, lemon-scented liquid that kills a range of bacteria and viruses including Hepatitis B and herpes simplex, according to the manufacturer. Surfaces heavily soiled with blood or sweat should be soaked with undiluted Viraclean. Gloves and eye protection are recommended, Whiteley says.

A bus carrying passengers, who will board the Qantas aircraft chartered by the Australian government from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship, drives through Haneda airport on Feb. 19, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.